Grants Program

The purpose of Community Grants is to provide monetary and resource supports to engage community involvement and encourage actions to promote the priority areas previously mentioned. In addition to funds, promotional items can be made available (please see budget section of application).

The Regional Community Grants will target non-profit groups who are working to promote wellness in their communities. Examples include schools, town councils, community/service groups, etc.

Please note:
Eligible groups must be operating within the geographical area served by the Northern Regional Wellness Coalition. The Coalition serves a rural region includes two parts: South Labrador Coast (L’Anse au Clair – Normans Bay) and the Northern Peninsula (Reef’s Harbour/New Ferrole to St. Anthony and all points in between.

There is an open call for grant application submissions.

Please Note:
The committee will not fund or reimburse an event/activity that has already started or taken place. Successful applicants must allow approximately 6 weeks for review of application and the receiving of funds.

The Community Grant can be used to fund a variety of activities/initiatives that promote one or more of the following wellness priority areas:

–  Healthy Living (e.g. physical activity, being smoke-free)
–  Healthy Environment (e.g. recycling program, pollution education)
–  Mental Health (e.g. stress management, coping skills, self-esteem building)
–  Injury Prevention (e.g. helmet use, falls prevention, etc.)
–  Health Protection (e.g. sexual health, etc.)
–  Chronic Disease Prevention (e.g. Type II Diabetes, etc.)
–  Child and Youth Development (e.g. Healthy Relationships, etc.)

Eligible Expense Examples:
–  Small scale sport equipment such as balls, racquets, bats, nets
–  Exercise equipment such as exercise mats, weights or resistance bands
–  Physical activity equipment such as snowshoes, skis and active games (CSA recommended)
–  Community gardening tools and supplies
–  Healthy equipment such as blenders, fridges/coolers, toaster ovens
–  Small hardware or paint to repair physical activity equipment
–  Small scale playground equipment (CSA recommended)

  • Contributions to a fund-raising drive; annual or otherwise.
  • Core operating expenses (salaries, utility bills, rent).
  • Capital expenditures (computers, office equipment, large exercise equipment)
  • Scholarships or bursaries awarded to individuals.
  • Infrastructure (initiatives that may require construction, maintenance, etc.)
  • Conference attendance or professional development workshops
  • Large scale exercise equipment like treadmills, elliptical, stationary bikes, etc.
  • Clothing or uniforms
  • Second hand equipment

Grants are available for a maximum of $1000. The NRWC Steering Committee reserves the right to determine what projects will receive funding and the amount.

Up to a maximum of $500 is available for school trips and Come Home Year Celebrations to help offset the cost of activities that have a wellness focus or to provide healthy snacks.

For any request for funding for healthy snacks, a maximum of $3.00 per person will be allotted.

Each group/individual must complete a Community Grants Application.  Potential recipients can apply using our online form or PDF format.  Please send to (709) 454-4041 or 454-2464 or

Within 30 days, applicants will be informed via letter/fax/email of the status of the application.

Yes. All grant recipients will be required to submit a final report (see Project Reporting Form).

Grant recipients can use our online form or PDF – both found on this page.

All reports and receipts are to be submitted within 30 days of the end of the project. Failure to provide the required documentation will affect the likelihood of receiving funds for future projects.

Should you need assistance or have any questions, please contact us at (709) 454-0521 or (709) 454-0346. Successful applicants must allow approximately 6 weeks for review of application and receipt of funds.

Online Forms

Printable PDF Forms

Please send completed PDF forms to Karla Loder or Tina Coombs at: Labrador-Grenfell Health, 178-200 West Street, St. Anthony, NL  AOK 4S0.